What is USB type-C ?

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What is the USB Type-C?

1 From the interface classification: The Type-C interface is based on the previous experience change of the A port B port. Firstly, it can realize the insertion without dividing the direction, and can also reduce the thickness of the interface. Secondly, there are no branches such as micro and mini, and the mobile terminal Multi-platform interface can be unified with PC and other devices.

2 From the interface function: with strong compatibility and customizable, different from the previous USB transfer using external chip to achieve other functions, USB-C interface can be added to the DisplayPort display output, internal and external Two-way high-power power transmission and file data transmission, PCIe bus transmission. There are fewer cables required to connect devices, which is one of the important guarantees for the advancement of electronic products.

2019-07-09 10:43