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Programmable design with LCD monitor:LCD monitor has 2 channels independently controlling simulated sunrise and sunset

Super bright:Ultra strong LEDs provide more than enough brightness for viewing

Adjustable light color and brightness:the LED light’s brightness can be adjusted with ten grades and is suited for different light requirement,it also can be adjusted with seven color type.

Adjustable timer:Light On/Off is adjustable on a timer.

Non-flash LEDS:The quality of LEDS is stable and the LEDS is not flicker.

Energy-saving: High Color-rendering index and lighting effect can save energy. Meanwhile us DC adapter is more safely.

Extendable bracket:Extendable bracket makes the light fits different size aquariums in extendable range.

Memory function:In case of Power-down, When power disconnected, the time and program is remembered. Suitable for freshwater: This LED light with full spectrum

SRK-FTL30cm Aquarium Light

Programmable design with LCD monitor:LCD monitor has 2 channels independently controlling simulated sunrise and sunset with full spectrum
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