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  • How to raise red grass

    A small clump of red grass is very conspicuous in the grass tank, but most people eagerly buy it and plant it. In less than half a month or even a week, the red grass slowly fades and grows into green, which is frustrating. . So how to raise red grass?

    8 2020-12-30

    Several professional terms in light effect, let you know more about light...

    20 2020-11-02
  • The effect of spectral components on plant growth

    *The effect of spectral components on plant growth
    *The influence of light spectrum range on plant biology
    *The influence of different spectra of solar radiation on plants
    *The relationship between light source wavelength and plant growth

    25 2020-11-02

Many countries around the world have long been exploring smart products, relying on excellent Internet cloud computing technology, artificial intelligence technology and other technologies, life has become more and more intelligent

Technology Illuminates the World, Life is Becoming more Intelligent